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Network Security

At IP-Heights, we have highly qualified and experienced professionals working with us to provide you best services in network and security domains. Our experienced professionals have more than 15 years of experience in providing world’s most sophisticated network security services. We carefully analyze and evaluate the network infrastructures and propose best solutions meeting our customer needs. Whether you are an individual client or belong to small and medium enterprise, you can take our network security services from highly experienced, trustworthy and reliable professionals. Network security is considered as the major part of your individual or business network and it needs to be properly maintained and protected from illegal users and vulnerability of attacks.

Large numbers of people are getting connected to individual and business networks and issues of security threats are increasing and causing massive harm to these networks. Over the past 15 years, we are in the field of network security to facilitate the needs of our customers and to protect their networks from hackers and criminals causing malicious threats to their networks. Our experienced professionals have the desired expertise and professionalism in network security to identify potential security risks and propose best solutions. We have professional experience to determine what are biggest viruses and worms, Trojan Horses, Spams, Phishing, password attacks, Packet Sniffers, Hardware loss and risks to shared computers, issues related to Zombie computers and Botnets. We have professional capacity to deal with these security threats and to propose best solutions because these viruses and worms could cause huge damage to your computers.

Our dedicated and experienced network security professionals have worked on various security issues in the last 15 years. We know how to meet your network security issues related to network security at the application layer, security at the transport level layer and security at the network level layer. Our team of professionals will always be available to provide best solutions to your network security issues in the areas of application layer protocols. These protocols are communication level protocols that range between simple text to multimedia texts like videos, audios, graphics and used in the areas of mail and multimedia content. We will look at the application layer of your individual or business networks including PGP and Secure MIME, HTTPS, S-HTTP and Secure Standards of Electronic Transactions (SET).

These protocols in the application layer of the networks are considered to be highly important and we give complete importance to these networks and ensure their network security as our first preference. Our professionals also have in-depth knowledge and experience in the areas of transport layer and the protocols used in this network are deeper in the network infrastructure. Transport level network layer is always below the application level layer. Our professionals know the importance of protocols in this layer and provide complete solution to protect Secure Socket Layer and Transport Security Layer. We also ensure our clients to provide complete security solutions in network level layer to meet your individual or business needs without compromising on the quality of services. Network security layer is also associated with IPSec and VPN protocols and we have complete excellence in these areas to meet your network security needs.